What Are These White Hairy Bugs On My Weed Plants?

What Are These White Hairy Bugs On My Weed Plants?

Cannabis is underway to get legal all across the USA. Currently, one out of every five citizens of the SUA lives in a state where it is legal to use cannabis for medicinal as well as recreational purposes. Under these circumstances, many people are starting to grow marijuana. These people enjoy better quality at lower costs. However, they may also face additional issues in the process of growing. One of the most common problems in this regard is the emergence of white hairy bugs on the cannabis plant. If you are facing any such issue as well, you have come to the right place. We will tell you what these bugs are and are they harmful to your plants.

What are these white bugs?

The name of these white bugs is mealybugs. The warmness of the plants attracts these bugs. These bugs are habitual of warm environments and are unable to bear cold. These bugs may even come on the dry plants after the process of harvesting. These small bugs may leave short trails of white material wherever they roam on the leaves of the plants.

Are they harmful?

These bugs are incredibly harmful to your plants. They can damage the plant directly as well as indirectly. The direct harms of these bugs include increasing the mold on plants. They leave behind a secretion called honeydew. This liquid gives rise to the mold on the leaves of the plants. Also, these bugs attract different insects like ants to the plants. These insects further cause harm to the plants.

What can be done about these bugs?

Firstly, you must remove these bugs with water spray or any other similar method. If you are unable to delete them, you need to spray alcohol in small quantities over your plants. It is essential to stay patient at this stage. It might take some attempts to get rid of them. Once your plants are clear of these bugs, you need to oil the leaves and spray them with alcohol. These measures will make sure that these bugs do not come back to harm your plants. There are also many insecticidal soaps that you can use as a measure against these bugs. However, make sure you do not drench your plants with these soaps as they may harm the plants as well.


The presence of these bugs is harmful to your plant. It would be best if you stayed vigilant so that you can detect them as soon as possible. If you see these bugs on your plants, it is essential to make sure that adequate and quick actions are taken. If you delay these actions, these bugs may reproduce on your plants. Due to this, more damage will be there for your plants. Also, when you are using liquids like alcohol and insecticidal soaps, you must make sure that the buds stay safe. The buds may ruin if these liquids touch them. Hence, you must be careful in this regard. 

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