What Are Twitter Spaces And How to Get Started With Them?

Since the emergence of the coronavirus, social media platforms have taken into account the substitution of physical meetings. Hence, people are always using online meetings for conferences and social meetups. Twitter was not left behind, hence the platform Twitter spaces

Twitter spaces have worked especially for influencers. They can address a large audience for free at the same time they gain new auto followers Twitter. These are people who follow someone automatically or willingly without being prompted.

How to start a Twitter space:


– Log in to your Twitter account

– Press the “compose new tweet” button – It is blue with a plus sign

– Below, click on a diamond shape of multiple circles icon.

– You will be prompted to name your space and make a list of discussion topics.

– Click on the start your space button. You are good to go.

Note: Not everyone can host a Twitter space. You have to have more than 600 followers. At the same time, invites to interested participants are sent out via a link and only 13 people can speak in the space. This includes the host and 2 co-hosts.

Benefits of Twitter spaces:

Interact in real-time

Twitter spaces are live, hence you can discuss with your audience time-sensitive matters. People can hear what you say at the same time you can hear what they say.

Gain audience feedback

A lot of people agree to have received feedback from their audiences from the spaces. The limitation of only 13 people taking in the space is not a hindrance for the host to pick something from the audience. They can either Tweet back or come directly into your DM and share their thoughts.

Gain new followers

Did you know you can grow your followers from hosting a Twitter Space? By simply reminding people to follow you for more content, it is a good plan to gain more followers. At the same time, your co-hosts also get a chance to boost their accounts, as they are most likely to Tweet content the same as yours.

Easy to set up

By simply following the above-mentioned procedure, you can have an active space. It is also a free service, and Twitter will not ask you for payment afterward. Participants are also easy to invite, as the host just creates a link and sends it out to the intended participants.

Uses of twitter spaces:


There are a variety of topics someone can choose from such as reproductive health, mental health, financial freedom, etc. People take advantage to train larger audiences via Twitter spaces.

Conduct business

If you are selling in real-time, it is easy to gain potential buyers on Twitter spaces. Always ensure you advertise this on time and watch the magic happen.

Engage in quiz challenges

You can invite people to participate in mind games such as quizzes. It can be from a specific topic or general knowledge. This is a fun activity, and you get to learn bits of the information yourself.

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