Word of Mouth: How Stop and Shop Gets People Talking

Stop & Shop started in 1914 as Economy Grocery Store in Somerville. Since then it has grown to open 415 stores chain-wide. The store sells products such as baked goods, flowers, seafood, dairy products, pharmacy goods, general merchandise, and gasoline.

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Ways Stop and Shop attracts its customers

  1. Through discounts and price, cut-offs. This includes dropping some coins on some products or a line of goods. Might be on special days such as memorial day, Christmas, or independence day.
  2. Through online inventory. This includes a clear description of the available goods through their website. This is easier as one just orders goods from their home and gets them delivered.
  3. Through display where the goods are placed on a visible space for the customer to distinguish them from other products.
  4. By sending out promotional information via SMS or promotional emails, acts as a way of convincing customers of the availability of goods they often buy or have had in their cart for a long time.
  5. Through word of mouth includes using brand ambassadors to promote the products to customers who visit the store.

Benefits of using word of mouth to convince customers


It is cheaper compared to other methods such as printing banners. The amount to be paid to a promoter using word of mouth is affordable

Answers the customer’s questions

A promoter can answer the customer any questions they have concerning a certain product. They are also able to engage in a conversation with the customer hence building trust leading to the customers purchasing the product.

Encourages reviews

During the word-of-mouth promotion, a client can be told to give their honest reviews about the product. With Stop and Shop, you can give reviews at talktostopandshop survey to win $500.


Word of mouth is more convincing

Through direct communications, a brand ambassador can convince the customer to purchase the product through friendly gestures such as positive facial expressions.

Encourages referrals

Word of mouth can convince a customer to cite their friends to purchase products if they liked them. This forms a chain as friends encourage other friends leading to an increase in sales.

Eliminates competitors

Word of mouth can enable the customer to see the good side of the product against its competitor. The convincing power of word of mouth can weigh the disadvantages of the competitor and make them the benefits of the intended product.

In conclusion, despite word of mouth having numerous benefits, it also has its drawbacks such as lack of market control, difficulty in evaluating the results and a bad experience with one customer can greatly influence the other buyers. It is however one of the best methods to market your products.


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