10 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Weed Indoors

The legalization of marijuana in the USA has made many people want to grow weed indoor. The wide variety of medical benefits has made people change their thoughts about marijuana. CBD, which is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids compounds found in cannabis Sativa, is now known as a cure-all.

Growing weed indoors is the best way to get high-quality buds and flowers. Beginners in indoors cannabis growing have a long history of messing up. To make indoors weed growing simpler for every beginner, here are the ten mistakes to avoid when you’re growing weed indoors.


What to Avoid When Growing Weed Indoors

1. Overwatering

Water is vital for the growth of your weed plant, but too much water will destroy and kill the plant. Overwatering weed seedlings break them. Giving your plant the right amount of water keeps it healthy, but too much watering leads to loss when harvesting.

2. Telling people

You must be happy and proud of your accomplishment in weed growth, but you don’t have to share your secrets with anyone. If you can’t keep your secrets, not one will do so. Bragging that you’re growing high quality indoors marijuana can land you in jail.

3. Overfertilizing

Overfertilizing is an easy mistake to make. Test your soil for the present nutrients before adding more fertilizers. Do not add more fertilizers when the soil is rich in nutrients. Overfertilizing your weed plant can either cause yellowing of leaves or plant death.

4. Using wrong seeds

90% of your plants produce depends on genetics. Planting low-quality seeds means that the quality of buds you’ll get is low. Get cannabis seeds from a reputable seller whose seeds have over 80% germination rate.

5. Misting the growth cycles

Separate growing cycles are important for your weed plant. Without proper vegetation, the plant’s flowering stage will be negatively affected. Misting the growth cycles gives you room when you have a large harvest.

6. Over pruning

Pruning a tree boosts its growth, but over-pruning weakens or even kills the plant. Over pruning a weed plant lower its productivity and quality of its products.

7. Using not enough light

The optimal height at which your plant will reach depends on the amount of light it gets. When buying your weed grow kits, make sure to choose the one that emits more light.

8. Harvesting too early

Only harvest cannabis buds when they are due. Waiting for your weeds to mature before harvesting can increase the total harvest by 20%. Buds should be collected when the white pistils are browning. Also, be on time not to harvest too late, the level of THC lowers while the level of CBD increases with time.

9. Not creating the right environment

For a marijuana plant to do well, it needs a temperature of 21 to 28 degrees Celsius and a 50 to 60 percent humidity. The indoor marijuana grow kit is the best as it provides the plant with the right environment.

10. Using too many nutrients

Too much of something is poisonous. Too much of nutrients in the soil can result in a nutrient burn. Closely examine your plants well, reduce the number of nutrients given to the plant when you start seeing the symptoms of a nutrient ban.

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